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MirrorMirror Photo Booth

A special photo booth combines a mirror, display, software, and camera to take pictures through the mirror and share them instantly on Facebook, Instagram, and via text. It used to bring excitement by taking amazing selfies, creating keepsakes, and unforgettable moments with my friends and family.

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360 Photo Booth

It's a slow motion camera that captures guests in a new way. Guests stand on a platform as a slow motion arm swirls around them, 360 degrees, taking video at every angle. Guests then review their photos, slow motion video or GIFs and add extras like overlays, animations, emojis or wedding logos to make the memories more special. Even better, guests can share their photos or videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right there from the platform.

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SelfieLove Booth

A contemporary photo booth that offers an interactive experience that your guests will love. It provides your guests with a fun and memorable way to share their event experience with friends and family on social media. It’s a modern, highly interactive, touch-screen photo booth that captures high quality video as well as still photography. 

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Marquee Letters and Numbers

Use our marquee letters to spell out your favorite word, initial, or any other mix and match for your event!

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