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Coach Karlin

Karlin Jones
is a Philadelphia native, community leader, liaison, advocate and professional with a passion for uplifting others. Serving as a Trauma Informed Social Worker in Lancaster, PA, Philadelphia, PA and Atlanta, GA over the last 15 years, Karlin has identified the strengths and deficits in areas and created programs to transform lives. Personally & professionally, Karlin is committed to the collective growth and development of the community. Karlin has co-directed an after school Drill Team program and started organizations to promote prioritization of Self-Care, Fitness, Health & Wellness. Finally, Karlin’s overarching goal is to continue to partner with organizations to offer Community Enrichment Workshops & Individualized Services to further propel individuals, families and ultimately the community, one meet up at a time.

a Professional Coach with a specialty in Result Oriented, Transformational and Career Coaching.



She worked with individuals from all walks of life as a Social Worker with a background in Therapeautic Intervention, Child Welfare, Residential Treatment and Foster Care Placement, College Admissions, Caree and Professional Development.

She is currently an Entrepreneur and Life Coach, Mentor at Martin Luther King High School, Life Skills Resource Coordinator with FCCA High School Diploma Program and Community Leader with a passion for those in transition and individuals looking to create the life of their dreams on purpose!


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